NFL Announcer Loses Job After Broadcasted Slurs

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Thom Brennaman has destroyed a 34-Year Career after remaking intolerant statements on a live MLB broadcast. The Fox Sports announcer was found speaking Anti-Gay Slurs during a break-period of the Cincinnati Reds broadcast. Brennaman didn’t know that the live broadcast had resumed, continuing onwards about the LGBTQ community. This reflected poorly onto Thom Brennaman & prompted Fox Sports to terminate his lengthy career. Brennaman has maintained an announcing career under the Fox banner for the National Football League, and Major League Baseball broadcasts.

It’s expected that this announcer’s career is over after losing 26-Years to Fox Sports. The termination of Thom Brennaman also shows that corporations worldwide aren’t caring about the long-term loyalty of active personnel, disregarding contracts when mistakes are showcased in the public light. Thom Brennaman has subsequently been affected by North America’s “Cancel Culture”.

The Fox Sports Network released a public statement regarding the incident with Thom Brennaman. The telecast corporation evoked their disappointment behind the 26-Year Veteran, noting that his language was unacceptable & intolerant. Fox Sports clarified that his values don’t representative their corporation, resulting in his immediate termination. NFL Supporters were then informed that all future broadcasts wouldn’t reference Thom Brennaman. It should be mentioned that Fox Sports didn’t clarify Brennaman won’t be seen in Major League Baseball again, suggesting another network is interested in his services.

The Disney Company maintains & operates Fox Sports, meaning that the mindset of veteran employees must change or face career-ending doom. Thom Brennaman experienced that doom after uttering Cincinnati is the “Gay Capital” of the world. His sentiments were remarked without the knowledge that commercial breaks had just ended, with his microphone going live again. His remarks would occur minutes before the 7th inning.

The Failed Apology

An apology was issued less than an hour later by Thom Brennaman, with his statements again being made on-air. His apologies weren’t enough to stop Fox Sports from cancelling his employment as NFL & MLB announcer. When questioned about this issue, Cincinnati Red Representatives clarified their devastation towards the homophobic statements made by Thom Brennaman. The Cincinnati Reds also indicated that if another network hires Thom Brennaman, he’ll be barred from announcing all future broadcasts regarding their organization. Fans of the Buffalo Bills shouldn’t anticipate Thom Brennaman broadcasting any of their future matches for Fox Sports either, which is a notable loss to the Bills. Thom had announced some of Buffalo’s most notable games over the last three decades.