NFL Announces Eight Positive Covid Infections

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The National Football League returned to standard operations on August 1st. Medical experts had anticipated that upon the NFL’s official return, an influx of positive coronavirus infections would be announced. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell shocked that community of medical professionals, with the league maintaining lower case counts than MLS & the NBA.

NFL Executives employed a multitude of healthcare providers to assist teams in their fight against COVID-19. It’s surprising when considering the NFL is known for ignoring healthcare concerns like Concussions. Proof-of-consistency was shown again after October 10th, with the National Football League & NFLPA announcing “PCR COVID Monitoring Results” for October 4th to 10th.

Recent results mark the tenth week that NFL healthcare workers have tested teams for the coronavirus. The 1st and 2nd tiers for players to coaching personnel were testing daily. However, 3rd tier participants received weekly tests for lack of team engagement. Anyone that tests positive for the coronavirus commits towards the “NFL Treatment Protocol”.

Measures are enforced to ensure that players or coaching staff remain isolated for fourteen days. Those individuals aren’t permitted at team facilities & cannot have contact with anyone outside the teams Chief Medical Examiner. However, players can continue digital communication with unaffected coaching personnel.

October 4th to 10th Monitoring Testing Results:

  • Team personnel & players were administered PCR COVID tests. 37+ thousand tests were conducted, recorded, and sent to testing laboratories.
  • Team personnel obtained more tests than players. 23+ thousand tests were administered to staff members, with players receiving 14+ thousand tests.
  • Testing laboratories revealed that fifteen other infections of COVID-19 had inflicted the National Football League. Several positive cases are from team personnel and eight from contracted players.

Collective of Monitoring Testing Results from August 1st to October 10th:

  • The National Football League began monitoring the results of PCR COVID tests of August 1st. Since that date, 60 team personnel have been infected & 40 players have contracted the virus.
  • This is a percentage lower than 0.001%, with the NFL administering 400+ thousand PCR COVID tests since August 1st. The NFL has one of the lowest infection rates of any professional sport in the United States of America.