NFL Athletes Contracting COVID-19

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Players with the Buffalo Bills remain under quarantine conditions amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, ensuring the safety of these highly paid individuals. Similar measures have been imposed to all athletes in the National Football League. However, this hasn’t stopped from multiple players admitting to contracting the virus. It’s prompted significant concerns amongst Buffalo Bill Supporters that their cities athletes could face similar conditions. It should be noted that nobody associated with the Buffalo Bills Offensive or Defensive line up’s have confirmed their contraction of COVID-19. We’ve provided insight on the NFL Players currently battling the novel coronavirus.

The 1st athlete in the NFL who confirmed their contraction was Brian Allen. The Centre-Forward with the Los Angeles Rams experienced early symptoms several days ago. It’s expected that a full recovery won’t be made for upwards of ten days. However, Brain Allen is battling the novel coronavirus, which is more similar to Influenza. COVID-19 is a genuine killer spreading worldwide.

The 2nd athlete confirmed with the novel coronavirus was Von Miller, with this reveal being announced through the NFL Network with Ian Rapoport. It was mentioned that the Broncos Headliner was rush to the hospital via ambulance. Doctors released him shortly after, with Von Miller suggesting that his conditions have improved. The ageing linebacker is expected to make a full recovery.

NFL Ignoring the Coronavirus

Executives with the National Football League have continuously ignored the guidelines set by American health officials. Similar to Dana White with the UFC, representatives have mentioned that the 2020-21 Season will move forward as expected. That means the NFL will begin on May 9th, which is expected to be the timeframe for peak infections in America. NFL Executives could find themselves with the drastic issue of players being contracted with COVID-19. It’d eliminate their sports potential for the remaining season.

NFL Insiders spoke with the Washington Post, where they recommended that contingency plans have been implemented to ensure the safety of players and visitors. However, it’s impossible to guarantee that 50+ thousand people in one stadium won’t prompt an excessive outbreak. These executives could find themselves being fined substantial penalties if their ignorance proves to be deadly.