NFL Cancels International Games

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The National Football League announced in early May that they’d terminated all international competitions for 2020. Each regular season in the NFL supports five games in different countries, giving international supporters a chance to experience the real thing. It’s been decided that those matches will be played in the United States of America, which will be substantially challenging to accomplish amidst the novel coronavirus.

This pandemic is forcing thousands in America to lose their lives, with more than one million have been infected. Unless these numbers are limited over the next two months, the NFL will find it challenging to reopen any of their respective stadiums. Federal and State legislation most likely won’t permit mass gatherings more than 100+ civilians.

The Executive Vice President of the National Football League, Christopher Halpin, provided context towards their decision. He remarked that extensive research was compiled from notable health experts, with the NFL COVID-19 Group organizing an analysis on this data. It revealed that for the domestic and international safety of the NFL, global matches shouldn’t be supported. This will better protect NFL team personnel, coaching staff, and players.

London is the primary location behind these international matches, with four of the five supported in England. The 5th match is typically hosted in Mexico City. Both these respective nations have found themselves experiencing an overwhelming epidemic associated with COVID-19. It would’ve been impossible for the NFL to account for the logistical challenges and errors associated with hosting these international venues. Christopher Halpin noted that the National Football League would increase the number of international games when the COVID-19 pandemic is concluded, meaning when a virus is distributed to civilians worldwide.

Safety Measures

It’s suspected that London Wembley Stadium will maintain their NFL Contract going into the 2021-22 Season, which will most likely be when a match is next supported in England. They’ve been the title location for these four-yearly international games, with few stadiums in London willing to host the National Football League. Wembley Stadium and the NFL will have to implement functional health conditions for safety purposes when the next event is organized, that is if a vaccine hasn’t already been distributed.