NFL Considers “Point of Care” Testing

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The National Football League released an internal memo to the corporate divisions of each respective team, informing the proper personnel that “COVID-19 Testing Protocols” had been altered. The NFL confirmed to team personnel that new tools had been issued that enhanced the testing process, with that being the “Point of Care System”. This allows for On-Site Testing for COVID-19. The NFL would be the first sporting association in the United States to implemented POCS.

The Point of Care System enables largescale corporations, entertainment facilities, and sporting associations to test for COVID-19 without having to send their samples to Off-Site Laboratories. Expediting the process is something that no sports league has managed. It’d allow for team personnel to assess their medical surroundings, quarantine specific individuals, and have an added level of certainty than their facilities are better protected. There has been considerable backlash against POCS, which often fails to maintain accuracy ratings similar to PCR Analysis. The National Football league has avoided scientific evidence, relying on accuracy statistics from their benefactors & not medical personnel.

NFL’s Corporate Division emphasized that the “Point of Care System” allows for a higher accuracy percentage than initially expected. Several days ago, it was believed that POCS had an 85% maximum for accuracy ratings, with it being known that PCR Analysis maintains a 99% accuracy percentage. The NFL confirmed that their supporting vendor confirmed that those ratings were false, with substantial accuracy percentages being 97%. The 2% difference is enough for the National Football League to move forward with POCS Testing, which could result in negative results & increased infections across the NFL.

Pleading Evidence

Medical experts pointed out evidence that shows the NFL cannot engage with the Point of Care System, with that testing not close enough to reliability. Medical scientists & infectious doctors have pleaded with sporting associations to employ Off-Site Testing, with their 99% accuracy rating being the most reliable for revealing COVID-19 Infections. Most sporting associations have initially ignored the pleading requests, such as the UFC. That decision ultimately backfired against those respective leagues. The NFL shouldn’t repeat the process & risk the lives of their footballers.