NFL Coronavirus Safety Index Released

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The 2020 NFL Schedule was released on May 7th, showing that the National Football League is moving forward with their standard format. Spectators will be permitted after NFL Management disputing the severity regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Heath experts & other sporting associations have tarnished the National Football League for their decision, with the United States still considered an epidemic zone for the novel coronavirus. It’s prompted for 70+ thousand in America to die, with those numbers expects to increase drastically before a vaccine is released. Maintaining the standard NFL schedule could prompt an increase in COVID-19 cases, creating outbreaks with various teams. Notable outfits like the New England Patriots and the New York Jets are considered to be at significant risk towards a possible epidemic.

TicketIQ is an “Event Ticket Search Engine” that provides an online store for purchasing passes to sporting events, concerts, or entertainment facilities. Throughout the pandemic, they’ve been creating Safety Indexes to inform civilians of the associated risks when sports return. TicketIQ released their data for the National Football League. Down below are the respective teams, with their rating based from 1 – 5.

Giants – 3.63
Jets – 3.63
Patriots – 1.53
Bears – 1.53
Ravens – 1.26
Eagles – 1.20
Steelers – 1.20
Redskins – 0.93
Colts – 0.87
Broncos – 0.83
Falcons – 0.72
Lions – 0.67
Seahawks – 0.52
Buccaneers – 0.48
Dolphins – 0.48
Jaguars – 0.48
Bengals – 0.46
Browns – 0.46
Saints – 0.43
Cardinals – 0.39
Chiefs – 0.36
49ers – 0.34
Chargers – 0.34
Rams – 0.34
Titans – 0.32
Panthers – 0.22
Packers – 0.21
Vikings – 0.19
Cowboys – 0.15
Texans – 0.15
Raiders – 0.12

Increased Ticket Sales

Most analysts anticipated that ticket sales for the National Football League would be lower than average. Those individuals were incorrect with their predictions, as ticket sales rose by 234% over 24 hours. Increased sales followed after the NFL released updated refund policies, ensuring customers that they’d receive their finances back under a possible cancelled match. Spectators could also extend their tickets towards the next event. It should be noted that games will inevitably be cancelled, as the American States are opening their respective economies under different timeframes and stipulations. This will affect how National Football is conducted.