NFL Curating Audience Soundtracks for 2020 Season

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The National Football League announced that they’d entered the finalization process for artificial crowd noise. It follows after Roger Goodell & NFL Executives determined that supporters cannot be permitted inside football stadiums throughout the 2020-21 Season. This means that without a curated audio track of artificial crowd noise, there’d be evident silence & lower the excitement associated with professional football. This has been seen throughout other sports like the UFC, MLS, and NBA. Silence in the stands has created awkward moments of action for supporters.

All games not allowing for supporters in the National Football League will be required to play these curated audio tracks, which will be created by referencing former games from each respective team. Those teams will be given their specific track, and home teams will be given priority access to play their soundtrack. To ensure that NFL Teams abide by artificial crowd noise requirements, new policies are being created. Finalizing this policy will be accomplished by the “NFL Competition Committee”.

An overwhelming number of teams in the National Football League have confirmed that supporters won’t be permitted for the opening week and months afterwards. Six NFL teams are allowing fans to enter their stadiums at reduced capacities. This includes the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, and Miami Dolphins. Social distancing & face mask protocols are being implemented for spectators that attend these team’s matchups.

Future Outbreak

These six outfits have been permitted to allow spectators after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that there aren’t any policies to enforce the closure of all stadiums. Commissioner Goodell evoked that competitive reasons, state health guidelines, and local policies aren’t allowing for the NFL to implement league-wide closures on all stadiums. Goodell confirmed that Fall 2020 would mark the period when teams can enable spectators back at full capacity, a decision that’s received notable backlash from health experts.

The National Football League has maintained lower infections for COVID-19, with sixteen confirmed contractions to date. Allowing spectators into stadiums & creating breeding grounds for COVID-19 will revert their minor infections, prompting an outbreak. Nine thousand NFL personnel could become drastically at-risk.