NFL Developing Helmets Equipped with Face Masks

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The National Football League is abiding by the CDCs requirements. Health officials have requested that civilians, corporations, and sporting outfits abide by the social distancing measures. These measures have been implemented worldwide to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, infecting, and killing millions. The NFL has been prompted to design speciality helmets that support face masks for players. It’d ensure that the virus doesn’t spread between opposing teams in their close-quarters combat. This concept has been unsurprisingly supported by the NFL Player’s Association Medical Director, with Thom Mayer not considering the physical pressure this would put onto athletes.

Mayer mentioned via the “Adam Schefter Podcast” that he’d initially suggested this concept in March. He believes that the engineering skillsets associated with NFL’s Top Divisions would enable a sophisticated face mask that could attach itself to helmets. It’s prompted Thom Mayer to contact Oakley, requesting that their engineers work with the NFL to make this concept a reality. It should be mentioned that Face Visors would be considerably better & more efficient, with the primary concern there being that these visors would break under hard contact.

The NFL Player’s Association Medical Director revealed that the 1st stage has begun but that this process won’t be completed for a prolonged period. Medical Experts are working with the Director and Engineers to solve multiple questions regarding impact, visuals, and sound. Oakley has given the NFL numerous options to select from by issuing these tests. Mayer revealed that prototypes are indicating that this concept will become a reality.

Public Release

The National Football League hasn’t made any unveilings or official confirmations regarding these helmets. Analysts tested the concept themselves and revealed that under the majority of conditions, these visors would fog with players completing physical activities. There are also concerns that athletes won’t breathe properly, possibly causing them to faint on the field. This would ultimately be a bad image that NFL Executives wouldn’t want to witness. The respective fallout would be severe & similar to the cheating scandal associated with Major League Baseball. Some Medical Experts believe the best decision for the NFL is to cancel their 2020-21 season entirely, saving the lives of potentially thousands.