NFL Intensive Covid Protocols Begin on November 21st

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Executive personnel with the National Football League introduced new legislation to thirty-two residing teams. Changes were made formally via memo, with those organizations informed to enter “Intensive Protocols” for Covid-19. That measure began on November 22nd, with legislation enforcement remaining effective until the season’s end. Executives enforced their decision after Covid-19 cases have risen drastically in the United States. An announcement was official made through the NFL Network, where prominent news regarding league operations are revealed.

Legislative details regarding these intensive protocols were provided by NFL Executives. All meetings must be co-ordinated via virtual platforms like Zoom or Skype. Low-risk areas will be permitted to maintain meetings in large spaces. Teams operating in large spaces must prove social distancing is being sustained. Photographic evidence of players wearing facemasks, mouth shields, and sanitizing their hands throughout a meeting will be required. NFL Commission Roger Goodell spoke through the memo, informing team owners that legislative changes are required to address the broadening conditions of Covid-19 throughout America.

The Change

Dedicated supporters behind the National Football League would know the alterations made to “NFL Covid Legislation”. Previously, it was required that intensive protocols be initiated when positive tests for Covid-19 were revealed. Commissioner Goodell advised teams why changes had been enforced, noting that 28 of 32 organizations in the NFL had entered intensive protocols after sustaining positive cases. Roger Goodell mentioned that half of NFLs teams had entered “Intensive Protocols” multiple times throughout the 2020 season. Continued outbreaks throughout the league won’t be permitted by Commissioner Goodell entering into the 2021 Season.

The National Football League emphasised in the memo that harsher protocols account for communities in America that are sustaining Covid-19 outbreaks. Roger Goodell believes that with dedication from team coaches & players, it’ll become possible to reduce positive tests in the NFL by 50%. It’s become the primary goal of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. That’s becoming challenging with the United States entering its winter season, prompting a rise in infection. Some analysts speculate that continued positive cases in the NFL will force Roger Goodell to cancel the Super Bowl.