NFL Preseason Games TBC

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The National Football League Players Association held a lengthy conference call. Professional footballers discussed the upcoming preseason games, determining if their safety against COVID-19 is in jeopardy during this period. Discussions lasted hours & ended with players learning that they’ll not participate in 2020 Preseason Games. This will create numerous challenges for Roger Goodell & NFL Executives, with these individuals avoiding the realities associated with COVID-19. Their concern relates more with the financial losses that’ll become apparent if the National Football League doesn’t maintain a 2020 season.

Union Leadership held these discussions, requesting that all NFLPA Members vote on the matter. An overwhelming majority indicated that their safety is at jeopardy by playing preseason matches throughout the United States, with 50+ thousand additional cases of COVID-19 being reported during the last week.

The NFL Corporate Division hasn’t responded favourably to the Players Association. They’re actively preparing to shorten the preseason schedule, still demanding that players commit to national matches in key demographic cities. The Corporate Division sent the NFLPA a letter, responding to their decision not to compete. This letter indicated that both parties aren’t on the same page & will need to revise their decision to avoid penalties. Team Owners, Players, and Coaching Staff could receive fines for refusing to compete.

July 20th to 25th is when NFL Training Camps resume. The Players Association demanded that Four-Stages of Protocols be initiated to ensure the protection of footballers. Roger Goodell & NFL Executives haven’t responded to these demanded protocols, which require that players obtain daily medical examinations & tests for COVID-19. Non-Contact Football would be necessary during these Training Camps, with social distancing of two metres being enforced. It’s suspected that the National Football League – Corporate Division, won’t abide by these demands.

Don’t Say No!

Refusal could find Roger Goodell & NFL Executives in an overbearing situation. The Black Lives Matter Movement is prevalent throughout the United States, with African Americans demanding that systemic racism end. Refusal could be turned against the NFL Corporate Division, forcing them to ultimately agree with the demands or face a significant loss of viewers. It’d drastically affect their profit margins, which are already in jeopardy amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.