NFL Virtual Offseason Ending on June 26th

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The National Football League confirmed that June 26th would mark the final date for their virtual offseason programs. This date was initially slated to end before June 1st, with that date being pushed back to provide footballers the time required to prepare themselves for training camps.

Facilities maintained by NFL Teams have reopened their services for select personnel, which include rehabilitating footballers & coaching staff. Those deemed healthy continue to be unpermitted from entering these facilities, which shows Robert Goodell fears the COVID-19 pandemic could infect his formidable athletes.

Avoiding any contraction of the virus has been manageable through this virtual offseason programs, with some NFL Teams confirming immediately after the league’s announcement that their VOPs are shutting down. Other outfits are continuing operations to better prepare themselves, with one of those teams being the Buffalo Bills.

All NFL Teams wanting additional time to maintain their VOPs have been provided two weeks, which came after minor delegations with the National Football League Players Association. This period will also offer the NFL Corporate Division additional time to make arrangements for training camps, which are slated to reopen by July 2020. These details were provided by NFL Representative Brian McCarthy.

NFL Supporters won’t be permitted at training camps for 2020, with the corporate division citing the coronavirus behind their decision. Though the United States Government has allowed to smaller gatherings of 100+ civilians, most sporting associations are still abiding by guidelines issued through the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention.

It’s known that when these training camps resume in Late July 2020, footballers will be forced into physical exams daily. Testing for the novel coronavirus will be initiated during these exams, ensuring that infections don’t spread amongst various teams. Outfits found with an outbreak could have their training camps postponed for a select period.

When Are The Bills Playing?

NFL Teams will be provided roughly one month for their training camps. The National Football League plans to initiate their opening day by September 10th, 2020. Kansas City will hold the 1st match of the 2020-21 NFL Season. It’s not known when the Buffalo Bills will maintain their initial season starter. We’ll provide our readers with an update when additional details are provided.