NFL Workforce on Furloughs

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An unexpected announced has arisen after Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, promised that the novel coronavirus wasn’t infection the operations of National Football. Roger has recounted those statements by informing employees that the NFL has implemented Salary Reductions and Staff Furloughs, with percentage cuts to the pension play. Unnamed employees with NFL Corporate – New York Division, NFL Films, and the NFL Network released this unexpected memo to sport news outlets.

The 1st outlet to receive this information is CNN; they revealed that Roger Goodell was also affected by this outbreak. The NFL Commission will be paid $0.00 in 2020 to ensure that Salary Reductions and Staff Furloughs are as minimal as possible. This shows the compassion of Roger Goodell in comparison to Rob Manfred, the MLB Commission that’s infamously horrendous to his staff.

Memo Details

Informative data was released by these unnamed sources, indicating that Roger Goodell disclosed that the 2020 NFL Season is still planned to follow its conventional schedule. However, the Commissioner also realized that there are difficult decisions ahead and that unexpected economic fallout could prompt severe problems for the NFL. This could include teams being unable to sustain themselves finally in the upcoming season. Roger clarified in the memo that the longer the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in America, the harder it’ll be to overcome the financial difficulties associated with this virus. These financial difficulties apply towards Apparel Sales dropping to 0% and Business Partners cancelling their contracts.

Roger Goodell enforced a democratic policy with these Pay Reductions and Staff Furloughs. It was informed that Management-Level Employees are receiving these significant pay reductions, meaning anyone making more than $100,000.00 will drop by 50% throughout this period. This ensures that furloughed employees at the lower levels receive their standard bi-weekly pay.

It should be noted that the pay reduced management extends towards the individuals at home who are unable to perform their duties. On-Site Managers will continue receiving their standard compensation. These new policies become effective starting May 8th. Goodell finished the memo by revealing that furloughed employees and pay reductions will be removed by July 1st, 2020. Extensions on these policies could always follow though depending on the pandemics condition by late summer.