Once the 2019 Season Ends the Buffalo Bills Could Move

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According to the latest NFL team valuations the Buffalo Bills could be on their way at the end of the 2019 season. The team plan to move by the end of the current season, which would mean they will end up paying a fee to New York State and the Erie Country of $28 million.

The big question on everyone’s lips is whether the team that currently, generates the fourth lowest revenue in the National Football League move. The answer seems to be absolutely. There are a few options, the one possibility is Oakland, which could become available once the Raiders leave for Las Vegas. Another option would be Toronto, which is already home to a big Bills fan base. It is maybe also the most considered option since the bills have played six regular games and two preseason games at the Toronto based Rodgers Centre since 2008.

Many Bills Fans in Toronto

The Rodger Centre is the ballpark called home by the Blue Jacks part of baseball’s major league. There is one reliable indicator that the team is not about to move and that is the Terry and Kim Pegula ownership of the team. The same owner also won the NHL team called the Buffalo Sabres.

According to the Buffalo News Report, Bills Lease Expire in 2022

Between the two teams owned by the Pegula’s the Bills are the most valuable since it is five times as many invaluable assets as the Sabres. Speculating started over a year ago when Kim Pegula was not optimistic about the team’s chances to get a stadium in the Buffalo area. Buffalo News reporter Vic Carucci at the time indicated that the lease for the New Era Field would expire at the end of the 2022 season.

Extensive Renovation Made to Era Field

There is no doubt that fans don’t want to pay increased tick prices and they also don’t want personal seat licenses. The home stadium is the base for the Bills since 1973 and remained its host ever since. Major renovations took place in 1998 and even more, repairs were done in 2014. Another privately funded renovation was also in work a year ago at the cost of $18 million.

Soldier Field or Lambeau Field Home Teams Leaving Their Home Stadiums

The only stadiums that are older than the New Era Field in NFL are the Arrowhead Stadium, Oakland Coliseum, Soldier Field, Lambeau Field and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum stadiums. The Raiders and Rams are both leaving their home stadiums new one in Las Vegas and Inglewood, California by 2020. Both Lambeau Field and Soldier Field had an extensive renovation in 2003, which might make these perfect as a new home venue to the Bills. According to Forbes, the Bills might move at the end of the 2019 season, although no official announcement is made to confirm the first move or the new home base of the team.