Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

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To no one’s surprise, Bill Belichick is once again talking about the Patriots as it he in taking on the best team in NFL history this week as the Bills line up against his team.
Bill started by saying he knows it would be a touch game against the bills as it always is, but at the same time he doesn’t seem too worried by also stating that it hasn’t been very tough up to now, especially not when you consider the last 2 decades resulting in 32 out of 37 wins for the Patriots against the Bills.

He also mentioned that the Bills are ranking last when it comes to the offence, the stand 31st with total yards, points, passing yards and yards per play. They are 30th in the down percentage and the first down the rank at 29th. On the offense, the team seems to be good, not only do they have good receivers but good backs and tight asses as well.

While all the above doesn’t quite make sense and doesn’t really mean much, he did add details that are true and give him a reason for panic. His team has been struggling with back to back losing streaks for the first time since 2002. On top of that, he has already suffered 5 losses, which last occurred in 2009. What he is beginning to realize is that he might just meet a completely new team that was beaten in October with a score of 25 to 6 for the Patriots.

More truth came when he mentioned the new rookie QB Josh Allen who didn’t play in the October match. Therefore, Belichick has no idea just how impressive he is and just what he can do. He says he has been watching the QB and says that he has been impressive with a 25 yards per catch average.

He almost expressed some concern while talking about Allen as he says he cannot outrun the QB, he doesn’t miss throws and has one hell of an arm and has been one of the most exciting players to watch on the field.

Counting Against the Bills

There’s no question about it, the odds are against the Bills, well at the bookies anyway. However, with Josh forming part of the team this weekend, we might just see a whole new side as they take on the New England Patriots.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Bills might not be quite ready as the team consists of many new players who aren’t quite as well seasoned. With that said, don’t underestimate the team as they’ve managed to become rather impressive over the last few games, especially with the last match involving the Lions and Bills. They might have only managed to win by 1 point (14 to 13), but it’s still a win and gives the team that boost they need to walk onto the field and get ready for the best with Sunday’s match around the corner.