Potential New Stadium for Buffalo Bills

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The National Football League has demanded that new stadiums be built for all outdated facilities. It appears after considerable delegation, one sporting organization in the NFL won’t have to abide by these demands. The New Era Field, which is leased by the Buffalo Bills, has fallen under hard times. It’s structurally failing and has outdated designs from the 2010s. Both the NFL and the Bills had extensive conversations regarding the future development of the New Era Stadium. Considering that the Buffalo Bills lease this property, they wouldn’t want to pay the associated cost of building a new stadium.

Reporters from New York State asked the NFL Commissioner what the result of these delegations had been. Roger Goodell noted that the main goal was keeping the Bills in Buffalo. He expressed that the associated cost of building a new stadium in Buffalo would force this sporting organization to another stadium. Considering that the Bills are a staple of the Buffalo economy, it’d be a significant loss to lose this team. Roger expressed that everyone associated with this project is now dedicated towards a singular renovation, which will showcase a new facility that keeps the historic value of New Era Stadium. This will drastically lower the cost, with the NFL paying all associated labour fees. Subsequently, supporters of the Buffalo Bills can anticipate a new home by 2021-22.

Buffalo Bills & the NFL Fight

The structural and design issues revolving around the New Era Stadium dates back to 2014, which is when Kim and Terry Pegula became the owners of the Buffalo Bills. When they purchased this team, the NFL promised that issues regarding this stadium would be resolved before 2020. Previous executives with the National Football League agreed to this in writing, forcing Roger Goodell to abide by these conditions.

The last upgrade to New Era Stadium came in 2013, which cost $130 million for Terry and Kim Pegula. They didn’t enact the clause back then, as it was part of their lease agreement with the landlord to enhance the stadium. Since the NFL is demanding the 2020 upgrade, associated costs will fall onto them when it applies to labour and materials. The Buffalo Bills must pay all other expenses. It should be noted that three months prior, Goodell wasn’t willing to pay off the associated costs with updating this facility. His tune has officially changed with an impending lawsuit.