Quinton Spain Resigned to Buffalo Bills

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One of the most notable players from the 2019 NFL Season is re-signing with the Buffalo Bills. This announcement came directly from Quinton Spain, who experienced his first season in the NFL last year. Quinton started throughout all sixteen matches, acting in the Left Guard position. This newly formed contract will sustain itself for the upcoming three seasons, with Quinton Spain earning $15 million for the entirety of this contract. Considering that this man was a substantial force in renovating the Offensive Line with the Buffalo Bills, it’s not surprising that he was resigned alongside Josh Allen.

After learning that he’d be resigned with the Buffalo Bills, numerous tweets were posted by Quinton Spain. The excitement was expressed with sporting outlets noting that this will mark one of the most significant returns for the Buffalo Bills. When providing public statements through these outlets, Quinton Spain mentioned that there’s something special with the Bills and that he won’t pass up on the opportunity, so long as it’s available.

Challenges with the upcoming season face Quinton Spain and the Buffalo Bills, rather than be the AFC loss from last year or the recent outbreak of coronavirus across America. Spain wants to return this season victorious in the AFC Championship, with the outfit previously acquiring 16-0 throughout their conference with the Houston Texans. Eventually, the Texans would return to purchase a score that matched the Buffalo Bills, with the New York-based squad losing in the final moments of the AFC Championship.

Regardless of the issues last year with the 2019 AFC Championship, the Head Coach for the Buffalo Bills has mentioned his excitement towards re-acquiring Quinton Spain. It should be said that these two men have shared a close bond since joining the Bills in 2019.

Limited Playtime with the Coronavirus

The concern going forward for the National Football League is the coronavirus, which is prompting the cancellation of numerous sporting events. This includes Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League. Additional cancellations have followed with Formula One, MotoGP and Le Mans. All variations of sports have experienced significant setbacks following the increasing onslaught of COVID-19. The Buffalo Bills are concerned that limited playtime will be available for Quinton Spain throughout 2020. There’s a substantial chance that the NFL season will be terminated before it’s begun.