Roger Goodell Condemns Racism in the NFL

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The National Football League issues a formal apology to all players that knelt during the national anthem in 2018. These African American & Caucasian athletes were targeted by the NFL, finding that their actions were insensitive towards the United States Constitution. Roger Goodell now understand that the NFL’s position towards African Americans was insensitive of their cause, with Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the anthem after police killed a young black man.

Roger Goodell directed the issued apology. He mentioned that the NFL admits to their wrongful behaviour & encourage all African Americans throughout the United States to protest the unlawful actions shown by law enforcement peacefully. It should be mentioned that organizations in America have begun recommending peaceful protests, which follows after violent altercations have followed every day since George Floyd was murdered.

NFL Players have begun demanding that the National Football League condemn racism & the oppression of African Americans, with other athletes demanding that Goodell issue the apology. These demands were taken seriously by the NFL Commissioner, announcing less than 24 hours later that all concerns from players will be addressed. It should be mentioned that the National Football League is primarily operated by the African American community, with their positions still being minimal & Caucasian males maintain the corporate division. It shows the systematic oppression of African Americans within their title sport.

Punishments for Racist Behaviour

The formal statements from Roger Goodell noted his condolences towards the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. These sentiments extended towards all African American individuals that’ve experienced police brutality. Goodell then mentioned that the NFL condemns racism, meaning that any actions of racist behaviour to African Americans won’t be tolerated at stadium venues. Ignorant civilians will be removed from the premise & fined, with rare situations prompting imprisonment for 48 Hours.

Roger Goodell finished his remarks by mentioning he protests the racist behaviour towards African Americans & wants to assist with the drastic change needed in the United States. He’d note that without African American athletes, the NFL wouldn’t be possible or stand where it’s at today.