Running Back Opportunities for Buffalo Bills

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With the 2019 season just around the corner, it is somewhat surprising that a Buffalo Bills haven’t made any drastic moves with if they’re running back.

There has been lots of talk about various opportunities for the team, which could see the current running back LeSean McCoy left the team and being replaced. The Buffalo Bills team hasn’t mentioned the idea of returning the player, but with more and more opportunities. We might see Beane make a move and give Josh Allen the talent he needs to make 2019 the year of improvements for the Buffalo Bills.

David Carr from the NFL network made an interesting suggestion that would have the running backs from three teams change and have benefits for just about all of them. The primary focus would be to turn the Bills away from their older team. It is introducing new and young talent that would provide significant advantages for the season ahead.

Carr suggested sending LeSean back to the Eagles (Philadelphia), take Nick Foles and add him to the Jags (Jacksonville) and take Leonard Fournette for the Bills.

Sure, it might not be a flawless plan, but it certainly has a few interesting points. Fournette might not have had the experience and abilities to be picked fourth in the 2017 NFL draft by Jacksonville. He certainly has what it takes to be seen as one of the better running backs around. Not only does he possess the ability to drag tackles, but he has also shown amazing power over the last few seasons.

With more power and other positive traits, we’ve seen with Fournette. There’s a massive advantage for Josh Allen who would be able to depend on the running back more. Not only would it help meet the coach’s desire to run the ball more, but the power would undoubtedly allow Josh and Fournette to work together and make more opportunities possible for the entire team.

When we look at salaries, we also see some advantages for the Bills as the trade between LeSean and Fournette would help the Bills save more money while getting a little younger at the same time. Currently, the team would owe LeSean a total of $9.05 million for the season ahead, which is the third highest on the side. The change would include a dead cap of just over $2.6 million for the Bills. At the same time, they’d only need to fork out $2,933,258 as a base salary for Fournette for 2014 and just under $4.2 million for the 2020 season.

It’s important to look at the team and understand they need to build an offence around the team star, Josh Allen. Not only do they need a younger player with more power to help the team but having a bit more pressure on Allen himself certainly wouldn’t hurt either.