Sean McDermott’s Legacy

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Career day at any school is always a day filled with excitement. It is nestled in the deepest desire of humankind to express our dreams to the world. For one such boy, the vision is to become like Sean McDermott. During a career day this week, the young Luca decided to dress-up for his school’s career day expressing his desire to become like McDermott, head coach to his favourite football team, the Buffalo Bills. Let’s explore the stories behind this Bills legend, the guiding force behind this powerful pack and an inspiration to the young.

Short History

The 45-year-old McDermott was born in Omaha, Nebraska. After being named the All-Southeastern Pennsylvania defensive back for 1992, he graduated the next year from La Salle College High School. Except for football, McDermott also excelled at wrestling and was a national prep champion wrestler in 1992 and repeated it in 1993. The next year he started with his bachelor’s degree in finance at the College of William and Mary. Here he received Academic all-conference honours for both 1996 and 1997 as well as NSCA Strength and Conditioning All-America accolades.

Coaching Career

The Philadelphia Eagles were the place where McDermott started as a scouting administrative coordinator in 1998, a position from which he was promoted to assistant head coach the next year. In 2003 he became their defensive back coach. 2004 was a great year as two of his starting safeties earned Pro Bowl berths. This was a first in the team’s entire history. His team was in the Super Bowl that season, although they lost against the New England Patriots. After more success, he also spent some time at the Carolina Panthers, but it was in early 2017 that he joined forces with the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills

McDermott was the 22nd appointed head coach in the history of the franchise, and the Bills allowed him to debut in his career as NFL head coach. A success followed-up by their victory over the New York Jets. He became the third head coach in the Bills camp to win his first game ever, following in the footsteps of the brilliant Marv Levy and Rex Ryan.


Looking back, it is clear that this brilliant head coach’s success started already at home as a child. Two of the strong characteristics for which he is known is his competitive spirit and his supreme work ethic. Both of these are traits ere instilled by his parents, Rich and Avis. They emphasized this during his childhood careers in both his as well as his brother, Tim’s lives. When talking to McDermott’s former high school mates as well as those who had to compete against him on the wrestling mat, the stories have the same silver thread running through all of them. This is the admiration for the man’s determination, focus on success and desire to succeed. This is what he portrays now as well at the Bills, driving them to victory.