Some Players on the Bills Roster Which the Titans Would Like to Pinch

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This season the Bills roster is pleasantly loaded with some great talent. Their defensive side looking particularly strong. Surely a number of players are on the wanted list of many teams. Playing against the Titans this past weekend, the thought has arisen that if the Titans could just step into the Bills locker room before the game, which players will they pick to take along with them. So purely for the purpose of bringing some fun into the serious play, which players would Tennessee take from Buffalo.

Tre’Davious White

Cornerback to the Bills since 2017. From the start of his career in Bills territory White has shown himself to be one of the best in the NFL. He was a first-round pick and he is outshining many others in his position. White is an asset for any defense due his ability to lock down any great receiver, freeing up the rest of the defense to be flexible on the field. White is the player who is able to limit the effect of any team’s best outside receiver and would be a great compliment to the existing Titans roster.

Devin Singletary

In the Titans team they have two players in the back position, each great with one skill. Dion Lewis is apparently a specialist when it comes to pass-catching beyond the backfield and Derrick Henry with his big-play capability is a bruising back with massive hands. Devin Singletary delivers on both those skills. Singletary is newly picked as third-round pick this year. During only two games he managed 127 rushing yards delivering on an impressive 12.7 yards per carry. Also as pass-catcher he showed his brilliance with a total of six successful catches at 28 yards when they played against the New York Jets. Singletary is without a doubt flexible and would be the perfect addition to the Titans, saving them a lot of money over time. For now, however, let’s just keep him on the Bills roster.

Jerry Hughes

Bills defensive end, playing on the Bills roster already since 2013.  NFL has evolved into a passing league and any team would be wise to stock up on great pass-rushers. The Titans have a couple of great names in this area, but what they lack might be depth and this is something which Hughes will add to their play. Hughes has experience in different positions and had great success as linebacker when he had one of his greatest seasons during 2013. This was the first of the two consecutive years which marks a career-high for Hughes when he had 10-sack seasons. When Hughes was added to the Bills roster he had an average of seven sacks, 47 tackles, 15 QB hits and two forced fumbles annually until 2018. Add to that Hughes’s durability on the field. Currently 31 years old and during the past seven years, he played 16 games every year. Hughes would be a compliment to not only the Titans team, but many others would love to take him out of the Bills locker room.