Sports Analysts Apologies to Josh Allen

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The National Football League is known for focusing on analytics, believing that software programs are better at predicting the athletic capabilities of quarterbacks & all remaining positions. This program often fails in their predictions, causing failed wagers on digital sportsbooks & affecting the future of that respective player. This almost happened for Josh Allen on the Buffalo Bills.

When the Buffalo Bills first selected Josh Allen, sports analysts criticized the decision & NFL experts didn’t believe that Bills coaching staff had accurately selected a formidable quarterback. However, Josh Allen at the 7th overall pick during the 2018 NFL Draft & has proven himself a viable athletic asset in the last two seasons. Critics that’ve targeted Josh Allen are beginning to feel the onslaught of criticism towards their statements. Allen is an evident prospect for the 2020 NFL Most-Valuable-Player Award.

Most analysts believed that Josh Allen didn’t have the accuracy needed to become a formidable quarterback. Multiple critics opposed Allen but none more significant than Sam Monson, a man that vocally bashed the Buffalo Bills Quarterback. Footage from Pro Football Focus (PPF) shows Sam Monson stating that Josh Allen consistently misses targets and has horrible accuracy. His sentiments are coming off foolishly, next to the additional analysts that criticized against the actions of Josh Allen.

It prompted Sam Monson to make a public apology towards Josh Allen & even went another step forward by completing an NFL-Issued Form of Apology. Nobody would’ve expected this move from Sam Monson, who’s known for defending his position even if being incorrect. It shows that Josh Allen has become a formidable quarterback that no analysts can deny of praise.

MVP Candidate Allen

Josh Allen has become a stronghold candidate for the National Football Leagues MVP Award. His improvements throughout the 2020 NFL Season have been evident within four weeks. Allen has thrown for more than 1300+ Yards with an accuracy rating of 70% throughout his career on the Buffalo Bills. Twelve touchdowns have been obtained by Josh Allen, with three of them being acquired during the 2020 NFL Season. This unbelievable run is the reason why Sam Manson apologized.