Sports Gambling Bills Moving Forward At Record-Breaking Slow Pace in Louisiana

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Regardless of the sport, you support or the team you love most, sports betting is a great way to become a part of the action. It is a whole build up till the next game; the team practise in preparation of the match. Supporters works on their strategy, read up as much as possible regarding changes and then decide how much to bet.

Louisiana Aims To Set A New World Record of their Own

Quite the opposite to what you might think, the world record that might go to Louisiana is that of the slowest forward moving place on earth. In terms of the time, it takes to pass the gambling legislation. When you’re looking for someone to blame it is not that easy, not only the lawmakers are at fault. It’s a state with a laissez-faire kind of attitude; it always had this attitude, which most believe is what makes it Louisiana.

Progress There Is, Speed There Isn’t

When it comes down to legal sports gambling, don’t give up hope, there is some progress. What lacks is speed, and there also is no guarantee yet that it would take place in the next few years. The SB153 Senate Bill passed the vote already on the 30th of April; it was approved by a 24-15 vote. The next step is for it to find its way to the house of representatives.

Four Horse Racing Tracks & Sixteen Casinos Could One Day Offer Sportsbook

Should the bill ever make it that far it would mean four horse tracks, as well as sixteen casinos, get to offer legal sports betting? At the same time, it could also provide authorized mobile wagers at the facilities that will be able to operate a sports book.
These facilities only include land-based operators, and while high school sports betting will remain off limits, college sporting events will be eligible for betting. The most popular sports bets in the State of Louisiana is basketball and football.

Voter Initiative Still Deciding Factor

The Senate bill is far from the final decision in sports betting, the final say belongs to the voter, and there are sixty-four states in total. A voter initiative will take place in each state, and that will ultimately determine the fate of the sportsbooks. The ballot will be entered into the vote coming up in November, and that will decide whether Louisiana gets to offer legal sports betting in 2020 or not.

Well, it is not even that simple, it still all depends on whether the lawmakers would make it to the consensus by the 6th of June if that happen then only it goes into the vote. But it is still to get all that done before the session ends, and sports enthusiasts can only hope that it happens. If not sports gambling could never be available in the state, which would all be thanks to the slow speed and no hurry attitude of the lawmakers.