Stefon Diggs Expressed Concern Over Resumed Play

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The National Football League has disregarded the COVID-19 pandemic, not concerned with a possible outbreak. Efforts from NFL Corporate haven’t extended past the inclusion of face masks while wearing helmets. When it was revealed that this would exhaust their athletes, NFL Corporate reverted this legislation. It’s three weeks until players with the Buffalo Bills are slated to begin their training camps. Players with the Bills are now questioning how the NFLPAs requests are continuously being denied. The NFL Corporate Division has worked diligently in refusing all questions, creating a significant level of uncertainty amongst the thousands of personnel employed by the NFL.

One professional footballer contracted through the Buffalo Bills has begun publicly expressing his concern. This individual is Stefon Diggs, a wide receiver. He emphasized that questions not being answered suggests that 2020 will barrel towards an outbreak of COVID-19 in the National Football League. Sentiments from Stefon remarked his love for the NFL that he misses competing on the professional level. However, that love is outweighed by the countless questions left unanswered. Diggs mentioned that throughout the lockdown he’s been training & keeping himself prepared for the Buffalo Bills returning. However, Stefon indicated there isn’t any comfortability on his behalf towards playing this year. Diggs is the first Buffalo Bills player to mention his concern publicly.

The Uncertainties

NFL Corporate Division hasn’t released any information regarding the protocols associated with 2020s Training Camp Regulations. Being three weeks away, that data is required immediately for the Buffalo Bills to re-evaluate their training camps. Minor details have been issued, with speculating suggesting that social distancing won’t be maintained. That coincided with additional reports indicating that NFL Supporters will be permitted to attend live matches.

The United States of America hasn’t even closed their 1st wave of COVID-19, with the opposite occurring through confirmed daily infections. Permitting fans to attend matches would make every NFL Game a potential outbreak zone, creating significant concern for not just Stefon Diggs but local populations throughout the Buffalo Region. Teams wouldn’t be provided with the option of not competing in 2020, facing significant fines that would abolish all chances of their return during 2021.

That’s why NFL Corporate must take into the consideration of American civilians, team personnel, and overall, their moral compass. It should be mentioned that the National Football League – Corporate Division, has often disregarded any backlash against their decisions & focused on policies that guarantee their profits.