The Bills Delivering a Promising Roster

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After a busy offseason, the Bills has made some changes to prove themselves in the coming season. They re-assign the exceptional talent of Jerry Hughes but also added some new faces. All is done in the spirit of creating the culture that Sean McDermott has in mind for the Bills. Now the players are set in practice mode to be ready for the start of the season in September. With all these adjustments it seems that the Bills will now be moving again towards the right direction. Ending third in their division, after the Dolphins and the New England Patriots, they have now some talent to show.

Who is the Promising Young Talent on the Roster for the Buffalo Bills?

Robert Foster – This young man may not leave the general impression of greatness, and one also has to consider the fact that he nearly lost his chance with the team the previous season, but there formed a connection between Allen and Foster, as the season progressed, which is noteworthy. Foster has youth on his side and shows the signs that he can still develop into greatness. These signs include the fact that he was the only rookie with three 100-yard receiving games in 2018 in NFL.

Matt Milano

This hardworking player is fast, he is physical, and he is above all hard working. This young player seems to excel under the guidance of McDermott. After some brutal injuries during an early December game, Milano is now mentally and physically prepared to deliver again. This man of mystery is a self-declared minimalist and always have only a few words to offer. The promise he bears with his focus on giving his best during the season is, however, weighing much more than words ever spoken.

Tremaine Edmunds

Some consider this young player to be the breakout player of the season. Being named Defensive Rookie of the Month for December, shortly after he turned 20, is undoubtedly a reason for this projection. Since his journey started with the Bills in 2018, he had his share of challenges. Starting from being placed in a position which he has never played before and being responsible for organizing the lining up of all on his side of the ball, names just a few. Edmunds has stuck to delivering to the highest of standards in the world of football and thereby earned the respect of his fellow teammates. With one year into play, he has a great foundation to build upon for the upcoming season. A young man who is always striving for higher levels of greatness.

Rookie players are nothing new in the game that the Buffalo Bills are playing. The names listed here probably also wouldn’t be everyone’s pick, but these young men are men of character. They are showing signs of greatness as acknowledged by veteran Bills. Playing for the team and showing what they can do, to improve the ranks and to bring the victory home.