The Buffalo Bills Defensive Line

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Sporting analysts for the Buffalo Bills have determined that drastic changes are required for the defence lineup. The previous policies enacted have become secondary in comparison to competing opponents. Additionally, those with the defensive lineup haven’t engaged with the offensive or rushers strategically. Refusal to alter the defensive lineup before the next season is becoming an essential task for coaching staff with the Bills.

There are few players in the Defensive Line that have performed this season. It’s been Jordan Phillips and Shaq Lawson that have regularly saved the day. Unfortunately, these two athletes will shortly become unrestricted free agents. This follows after numerous organizations in the National Football League has expressed their desire for Lawson and Phillips. Both have noted that they won’t remain with the Buffalo Bills, meaning that the defensive lineup for Buffalo will be considerably weaker in 2020-21.

When it applies to Jordan Phillips, throughout the 2019 season, he maintained 9.5 Sacks as a defenseman. This was a career-high for Jordan, who has now seen attention from the Eagles and Patriots. General Director Brandon Beane noted that Jordan Phillips has become one of the most desired defensemen in the NFL, that there’ll be significant contract bidding wars for his 2020-21 Season. Considering that the acquisition funds for the Eagles and Patriots are considerably higher than Buffalo, keeping Phillips is impossible.


This doesn’t mean that there won’t be formidable athletes that enter the 2020 defensive lineup for Buffalo. It’s known that Ed Oliver is remaining with Buffalo until 2023, which was revealed with his $10.1 million contracts. Harrison Phillips is joining the defensive lineup for 2020, which follows after a Broken ACL. Both of these athletes have displayed formidable capabilities in defending against some of the most influential NFL opponents. Additional add-ons for the upcoming season include Darryl Johnson Junior, Trent Murphy and Jerry Hughes. With these five new additions, the lineup has been re-invested for Buffalo. However, the coaching staff must engage new strategies and tactics to receive the desired performance out of their respective players.

Depending on what the coaching staff have discussed, the 22nd first-round pick maintained by the Buffalo Bills could be put towards the defensive lineup. Buffalo also has a second-round pick, giving them two other moments to re-invent the lineup. However, Buffalo could also use with new Border Rushers and Quarterbacks.