The Buffalo Bills – To Expect On Game Days This Season

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The Bills fans are on an emotional high with their favourite team winning their two first games and is now returning to their home field at New Era Field, based in Orchard’s Park. Fans can expect some things to be the same as last season, some things to be much better and zero tolerance for bad behaviour.

During the previous season, 55 arrested were made by the local police just outside of the stadium. These arrests were all game-related, and this season once again, no bad behaviour will be tolerated. Since the officials of the stadium have taken a more serious stance on the poor behaviour of rowdy fans, the number of arrests over recent seasons decreased from an average of 30 arrests per game. This is according to the vice president of operations and guest experience, Andy Major. Therefore for their opening game at New Era Field, they have arranged a strong presence of law enforcement and security. For the home game against Cincinnati Bengals, a total of 300 security personnel with 300 law enforcement officers will be present to ensure that no fans misbehave. High-definition cameras will monitor crowds from the observation deck, which is 25 feet up high and can control the large groups for hundreds of yards.

Enter with My One Buffalo App

This is probably the most significant change which fans can expect this season. No more screenshots would be accepted at the gates and fans will only be able to enter the stadium with the newest version of this app. Therefore it is advised that you download the latest version before you get to the gates. The limousine and bus parking areas also got a newly updated set of rules. Fans will in future have to make use of the tailgate village. This area includes tents, chairs, table and a DJ. This upgrade has been made to enhance the visitor experience and to reduce the numerous issues which often caused problems within the limousine or bus parking lots. Busses and limos can enter this area if they have a permit, which they have to pay $100 for. Without this permit, they will be directed to another parking area. The Tailgate Village is a new edition to the stadium and will allow fans the space to have some fun while showing their support for their team.

Newly Added Food Concessions

A total of five new food concessions were made. Now Bills fans can enjoy waffles, and honey chicken and chicken wrap to name only a few. The club menu was also expanded to include delicious treats like toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fried bologna sandwiches to name just a few. While those in the suites can savour on the magnificent barbecue tailgate platter, tenderloin sliders, gourmet nuts and potato salad. In the end, these changes are all aimed at providing a fun and safe environment where fans can truly enjoy a Bills experience.