The Coronavirus Impact on NFL Teams

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Millions worldwide are having to adjust to the associated realities surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sporting organizations that weren’t slated to begin until late 2020 are accepting that their respective seasons could be postponed or terminated. This includes the National Football League, who are beginning to realize that the standard seasonal requirements will be adjusted. This follows after the American government have implemented legislative orders to curve the spread of COVID-19. Multiple cities supporting NFL Teams will be struck down by the novel coronavirus, and it’ll prompt different experiences for these outfits.

The NFL Commissioner could be forced to implement closure on the 2020 – 2021 Season. It should be mentioned that medical experts are suggesting limitations on mass gatherings until Spring 2021. This would ensure that a relapse of COVID-19 wouldn’t occur next winter, which would almost guarantee a healthier version of the virus. It’d prompt more deaths worldwide and considering a vaccine is a minimum eighteen months away, this has become a significant concern for WHO officials. Cancelling all forms of mass gatherings for a prolonged period would ensure global protection from COVID-19 during 2021.

There’s always the opportunity to implement NFL Games without the presence of supporters. That’ll still leave organizers with the issue of limiting the virus from spreading throughout locker rooms. It’d almost be inevitable that players would become infected and create an outbreak throughout the team. The NFL will have no choice but to eventually cancel the season for protection of Coaches, Players and Team Members.

What Can the Buffalo Bills Do?

When it applies to the Buffalo Bills, multiple measures can be implemented to ensure the virus doesn’t spread throughout the locker room. This would include creating additional locker spaces to separate the various units within the team. That means the offensive and defensive line-ups would be provided with different locker rooms. The Buffalo Bills could also place plexiglass into these locker rooms, ensuring that players aren’t exposed to each other in this personal space. Each player would be given their respective quarters. Additional measures would include providing sanitation provides medical masks, gloves and all necessary equipment to ensure COVID-19 cannot be obtained.