The DNA of Bills Fans

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Peter and Dave Zaleski, being Bills fans are a significant part of who they are. Peter Zaleski has been to 60 consecutive home openers, being an original Season Ticket Member. This is already quite an achievement. Now add to that his son’s 50 straight openers with his dad, and you truly have a story written for the Bills’ book of legacy.

Friends and family of the Zaleski father and son duo will all tell you about their real dedication to their beloved team. Zaleski Snr. is a native of Buffalo and can recall facts, stats, and even which players were in which year’s line-ups since the early days of the Bills’ existence. His passion for the Bills is more than a 60-year venture. During the All-America Football Conference, Zaleski Snr. was a mere ten years old. He recalls that his parents were living in Kensington-Bailey during that time while the Bills practice sessions were at UB. As a young boy, he would go down to the field and watch them practice. Some of the things which he is genuinely proud of except for his thorough knowledge of Bills history is his autographs. Both Rex Bumgardner and George Ratterman handed the young boy their signature.

Recalling the Sweetest Memories

30 July 1960 marks the day when Zaleski Snr attended his first-ever preseason game. He remembers that the Bills were up against the Patriots. He recalls buying four tickets from the Canisius College for a total of $12. This game was so inspiring to him that he never looked back and became a faithful Buffalo Bills supporter for life. When his son Dave was five years old, Dad took him along to his first-ever Buffalo game. That was in 1970, and since then the father and son shared many good times next to the pitch, spending quality time together and being able to be there for both the highs and lows of their team.

The Zaleski family attending the games has only expanded over time. Now Dave’s two sons are joining their dad and granddad to these games, three generations of Bills supporters present on opening day. This season’s opener is a special event in the Zaleski family when the three productions will all be current, dad Dave for his 50th time and granddad Peter for his 60th. For this family, Bills games became a family tradition, a time to set apart for experiencing something together as a family. Dave mentioned that their lives are so busy and even though they live close to each other, often long periods go by without seeing each other, but Bills games are always their time, time to make memories, to continue the legacy and to show their support. Making memories and keeping family traditions and supporting the Buffalo Bills.