The NFL is Making History on September 27th

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The National Football League will make history on September 27th, 2020. That will mark the date with two female coaches are competing against each other from the sidelines. There’ll also be a female official governing over the Washing Football & Cleveland Browns match-up. Never before have woman maintained a more substantial presence in the National Football League.

The Washington Football Team elected Jennifer King in 2020, with the majority of her coaching history sustained in professional basketball. She’d be allowed to learn how to coach professional football in 2018, which is the moment that Ron Rivera hired the former college basketball coach.

She was hired in an intern position & learned all strategies that Rivera created. When he determined to leave the Washington Football Team & join the Florida Panthers, Jennifer King was elected to replace him. The long-time friends haven’t come into competition contact, which’ll mark another notable moment for Jennifer King. It should be mentioned that Jennifer King is the first African American Woman in the National Football League.

The Browns Chief of Staff

The Cleveland Browns elected Callie Brownson for the “Chief of Staff” role. She overseas Kevin Stefanski, the Head Coach for this NFL Team. She’ll work coherently with Sarah Thomas, the first NFL Female Official since 2015. These three women working on the same field will be remembered for decades to come, as the NFL becomes a more inclusive professional sport.

The Woman’s Football Alliance determined that Callie Brownson was an All-Around Player, meaning that a professional career could’ve easily been sustained. However, Callie Brownson started to desire the role of coaching & began at the lowest level of high school. She’d eventually move towards Dartmouth College for multiple years until being hired by the Buffalo Bills Head Coach, Sean McDermott.

Sean McDermott gave Callie Brownson her first season internship in the National Football League. She assisted in redefining the Buffalo Bill’s defensive line and often was questioned for offensive strategies. What she learned at the Buffalo Bills & under Sean McDermott’s wing will assist her tenfold at the Cleveland Browns.