To Keep the Hope Alive, Jags Have to Win

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Josh Allen would have agreed to give it a try if the Buffalo Bills asked him to partake two weeks ago in New York. But then he was kept on the side-line, armed only with a clipboard and headset, he believes his elbow injury enjoyed the proper healing time, and he feels more than ready for getting back into the action on Sunday when they tackle the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Matt Barkley Sensational Performance

Before making the very wise decision to get enough rest, Matt Barkley delivered an out-of-nowhere victory of 41-10, while passes completed include 15 out of 25 and actually, Josh Allen was up to play, yet the Bills feels they made the best decision when they advised him to rest. Allen feels the comfort level is where it should be, and where he wants it to be, he is both thankful and excited about the opportunity. He also admitted that he was participating in practice now after his injury in Houston in October and realises that his arm is still not completely back to its full strength. Yet he is feeling a big difference in the past two weeks and with Matt participating, he had an extra week to recover.

Number of Throws Allen Can Make Against Jacksonville

The fans keep asking how many throws Josh would be able to make in the upcoming match against Jacksonville and at this stage, it is up for debate. There is no doubt that the Jaguars pose a massive test, their defence is strong across the board, and it will be a huge test for the rookie. Jacksonville has a superb front led by Campbell, and they can generate huge pressure via linebackers such at Smith and Jack, while the cornerback duo, Bouye and Ramsey are simply brilliant.

Best Defences Belongs to Jacksonville

The Jaguars are undoubtedly one of the strongest defences the Bills have played this year. The team is packed with excellent players, the linebackers move as a unit, and they have great players in the back and front.

Jacksonville has played ten teams thus far, four have winning records, and then three of the teams are breaking even at this stage, while the victories also include that of the two squads from New York. But no matter all the records on paper, anything can happen in the match and all the statistics and predictions come down to preseason thinking.

As reality settles in, most fans predict that the best Jacksonville would reach is breaking even with wins against Miami, Washington and Buffalo. The Jaguars are convinced that they will win this weekend, so much that any other result would be an embarrassment. But with Allen back and ready to do his magic, anything can happen and actually no matter the result, one team will celebrate while the other will be majorly depressed.