Trump Refusing to Watch the NFL

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The National Football League hasn’t represented the best public image throughout their lifespan. Represented primarily by the African American community, NFL Supporters have the stigma of being racist. This was proven again by the United States President. Donald Trump clarified through Twitter that he’d boycott the National Football League is players are allowed to kneel during the American national anthem. Donald Trump believes his influence plays some factor on Roger Goodell, NFL Players, and NFL Fans. The President hasn’t any implication over the operations of professional football. 

Donald Trump resumed his standard tyrannical behaviour through Twitter on June 19th. It followed after his primary health advisor on COVID-19, Anthony Fauci, noted that professional sporting events could be cancelled a 2nd time in 2020. The excellent doctor informed Americans that a second wave of the coronavirus is inevitable, that football won’t happen if social distancing isn’t immediately resumed.

Discussions with Anthony Fauci regarded the NFL, with the doctor reporting that it’ll be challenging for Roger Goodell & NFL Executives to start their 2020-21 operations if a second wave follows. Anthony noted that the possibility of this happening is extensive, with the flu season assisting COVID-19 in its growth. Millions throughout America don’t want to believe the #1 Health Expert in their nation, instead of following behind the President’s sentiments.

The Highs & Lows

Roger Goodell would’ve first been pleased with the initial sentiments remarked by Donald Trump. The President first mentioned that Anthony Fauci hasn’t anything to do with NFL Operations, clarifying that there’ll be a controlled & safe environment for footballers. After those initial tweets came to the Presidents threats towards Roger Goodell, he mentioned that unless footballers stand for the National Anthem & Great American Flag, POTUS will boycott the NFL. This ultimately shows that Donald Trump doesn’t stand with the “Black Lives Matter Movement”.

Trump doesn’t have the upper hand in this scenario. Roger Goodell has informed NFL Supporters that players will be permitted to represent this movement in any way they deem fit. It follows after the league had previously banned kneeling during the anthem, which Goodell has now admitted was a mistake.