Washington NFL Team Investors Urge Owner to Sell

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Dan Snyder is being pressurized by the minority owners of the Washington Redskins, which has been renamed to the “Washington Football Team” after their former name was considered socially unacceptable. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Black Diamond Capital Chairman Robert Rothman, FedEx CEO Fred Smith, and NVC Inc Board Chairman Dwight Schar have requested that Dan Snyder sell his NFL franchise. Either way, these men will induce an Exit Clause on their investments. It’ll result in 40% of the franchise being sold to unknown individuals, or Dan Snyder himself.

Minority owners are considering parting ways with the Washington Football Team after negotiations with Dan Snyder have proven difficult. Snyder has shown zero willingness to sell-off his NFL franchise to new buyers, or any of the minority owners. Financial analysts believe that Dan Snyder is making this decision to increase the valuation of the Washington Football Team, which has taken a financial loss amid its rebranding. Minority owners selling their overall 40% stake in WFT back to Dan Snyder would enable the team CEO to resell that percentage for higher costs.

The Lawsuit

Reluctance from Dan Snyder has become the immediate reaction for the team owner. Mentalities in how the team should be operated changed after a forced rebranding was initiated. Weeks after, Dan Snyder filed a lawsuit against a former employee at the Washington Redskins.

This lawsuit claims the employed personnel assisted in a defamatory strategy against Dan Snyder. However, when the US Federal District Court demanded that documents Mary-Ellen Blair hand-over documents on the request of Dan Snyder, she wasn’t located anywhere. This digital & physical evidence is slated to bolster the team CEOs claims of defamation.

The Lawyers of Dan Snyder clarified that US Law Enforcement is actively working to locate Mary-Ellen Blair, the former Executive Assistant of Dan Snyder. Lawyers promised this woman that their efforts wouldn’t stop until the full weight of the law was enacted. Dan Snyder’s publicity team has worked with his lawyers to ensure a positive image for the team CEO. Regardless of this woman being location, Snyder’s public image has been tainted.