Wedding Bells Ringing During Bills Halftime

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With the Bills announcing a wedding ceremony during halftime of their game against the New England Patriots, a couple of loyal fans inevitably ran off to pop the question. Now is as good a time as any to tie the knot and if you can do it in front of 70 000 people, then why not?

September 29th is the date for this halftime wedding celebration. The wedding ceremony is to be held at New Era Field in Buffalo during halftime in their game against the New England Patriots. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a hometown wedding set in a place known for accurate Bills guts and glory. The team will pick the lucky couple. To enter couples need to complete a form with some questions to guide the organization into finding who are the greatest fans of the Buffalo Bills and most deserving of this spectacular event. So if you are ready to tie the knot on the 50-yard line, be sure to answer the questions to the best of your ability. It is time to delve into memory lane and rediscover your favourite Bills memory.

articipants would also need to state for how long both of them have been Buffalo Bills fans and then some more personal details are required. The winning couple will be able to take a wedding party of no more than 20 people onto the field for moral support when they do their weddings. The ceremony would be held afterwards at the stadium. Both the lucky bride and groom will receive a custom Bills jersey. 7 July is the closing date for this event, so don’t delay if you want to be in the run.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The blue of this day might be in the fact that the Bills games against the Patriots have recently only delivered the blues in their fans. With the New England Patriots walking away as the winners from their past seven clashes in Buffalo, the odds are much better to get a sunny day in September than the Bills winning the game. Hope is a beautiful thing, and maybe a little good luck brought on by a wedding ceremony is what the Bills need against the Patriots.

Commentary from the Bills Fans

This announcement came with mixed vibes from Bills fans all around. Some thinking that this is a sweet touch to the game and a moment well worth sharing with the massive crowds, while others were more critical. From claims that the Bills are doing this to give the crowds something to cheer about during a match against the Patriots while others considered it as a tactic to distract the fans from yet another losing score against the Pats. But then again maybe the more critical comments are coming from the married fans, who unfortunately have to miss out on this spectacular event.