Why the Bills Should Trade for Antonio Brown

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The Buffalo Bills might not have had a great season towards the end of last year, but it’s all part of the plan to get them in better shape as they’ve taken on new players and trying to get them up to speed as the next off-season approaches for April.

While the Bills are geared towards finding special hidden talents in the players they have, risking it all on rookies might be a bit much, especially if they have the opportunity to get Antonio Brown onboard, who might just be available soon.

It would be rather interesting to see if it’s an option as Bill GM has already said the first-round picks isn’t open for trades. However, we might just see a knock on the price as they scoop him up for the second or third round.

There are many reasons why the Bills should consider the trade, especially since they have the new QB Josh Allen making huge movements on the field. Let’s have a look at how the team could improve with the grading option for the wide receiver.

Bills Can Afford it

It’s a bit of a mystery as to why the Bills have such a large salary cap remaining, but it’s been their plan for 2019, allowing them to apply the changes they need to for the season ahead. Currently, they have the third largest cap in NFL, close to a massive $84 million.

If they were to take on Antonio, they’ll still be the sixth largest in NFL, making us wonder if they’ll take advantage of the opportunity. If they do, there would be 2 options available, starting with adding him before the 17th of March 2019, which would come with a salary of $38.9 million for a 3-year contract, including cap and cash figures. If they wait and only add him after the 17th of March, it would be a total of $36.62 million, which also includes caps and cash for 3 years.

Sure, it would take a large chunk from the Bills, but they can certainly afford it and really make a difference to the offence, which is one of the major things that sunk them last season. Antonio is only under contract for another 3 years, during which he would be aiming high, making him the perfect option for the Bills.

Antonio has the Right Record

Apart from being a first-team wide receiver 4 times, be also has a great record that’s sure to help the Bills get ahead and take the leap they need. When we look at his past, we see the wide receiver has done over 1,000 yards in every single season he has played in, which might not include 2012 as he only played 13 games. When we look at the total, we see Antonio has done well over 11,000 yards in 9 seasons, which was done with an amazing 837 catches.